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מחיל אל חיל - Keep Growing - Yizkor

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Recommended Price $60.00

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. The mitzvah to ‘walk,’ as the Rebbe  beautifully explains it, commands us to constantly grow. Do not become sluggish, intellectually or Jewishly. We need to be on the move.

This upbeat speech (my personal favorite of this year) focuses on growth and becoming the best possible versions of ourselves. Along the way we encounter:

  • Elon Musk and Moshiach
  • The burglar who finally showed up after fifty years
  • How diplomat Henry Kissinger got the most out of the ambassador
  • The famous architect Frank Loyd Wright’s favorite structure
  • The one word that is the secret to happiness
  • Dante and Milton’s major mistake about Heaven
  • Is the soul bored in the Afterlife?
  • How to put your 300 hours of driving a year to better use
  • The moving story of Miriam who lost two sons in the IDF yet remains inspired

We all put up barriers when it comes to doing our best work, telling ourselves we don’t have better ideas, aren’t creative-types, or are past our peaks. But barriers are meant to be broken. Every day, our goal should be to grow in some way, to learn something new. This constant progress is the central ingredient for a rich and fulfilling life, for happiness itself.

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