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A Nation of Diamonds

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Recommended Price $50.00

This lecture begins with a car crash--a joke which contrasts the benefits of youth with the wealth of old age. We, the forever young people of the Jewish nation have accumulated quite a fortune in this very long Golus.


This leads us to the revolutionary concept of Jewish time. Einstein had some unique dreams and theories about it--some interesting sci-fi stories to go along with them--but he completely missed the incredible truth that the Divine promises about our future are what actually creates time. Learn how Jewish trust in G-d’s promises make history.


A road runner can also teach a tale! An amusing Warner Brothers’ cartoon character serves as a fitting example of the very limiting laws of cause and effect. To the extent we trap ourselves in a slavish belief in the ‘natural order,’ that is the extent to which it will control us.


Rabbi, Doctor A. Twerski relates the story about the ex-convict and substance abuser, with self-esteem at ground zero, who found personal redemption by envisioning a different future. This formula is the method by which a thief can become a philanthropist. This Rosh Hashanah, learn the secret of Jewish optimism and how to employ it in your personal life.


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