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Ark of Jewish Life

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Recommended Price $60.00

A wild and seemingly humorous Talmudic tale helps us identify the three types of people that attend High Holiday services and how Jews have persevered through the storms of our long history.

An encounter at Yad V'shem offers a powerful insight on why one of the most famous Jews of all time would be called by his non-Jewish name and what this tells each of us.

What motivates a self-proclaimed non-religious Israeli to read the Torah?  The answer to that question should ought to motivate every Jew regardless of background.

This talk aims to inspire your congregants to become partners in your Shlichus, to reach out to those in your community that they know and you don't. Can there be a better resolution for the New Year?

Dedicated in the merit of Binyomin Zev ben Tziviya Hinda for a complete and speedy recovery

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