Celebrate the Millennia in a Heavenly Hut

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Come party with your ancestors!  We are time tested travelers in our challenging, yet beautiful world.  When the going gets rough, we, the Jewish people, like the greatest of athletes, play through the pain.  This is what separates the great from the mediocre. Where does our strength come from? Learn the secret from the Ushpizin and their Chassidic counterparts who join us in our Sukkah.

Learn how to rejoice – zman simchaseinu -- even while sitting in a precarious hut. Trace the history of Jewish resilience to the conversation at the Burning Bush. The Rashi on Ehkeh asher Ehkeh, reveals the code for maintaining one’s faith. Follow the eight-year-old Yonasan Eishbitz through the streets of the capital for a meeting with the king and listen to his clever reply which resonates to this day.


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