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Creating a Passionate Jewish Home -5770-2009

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Recommended Price $50.00

In this speech, learn  what "economically privileged" children on the Upper West Side think "coach" means; the email from Hell; and a Yiddish tale about a mother bird and its three babies.  

Moses, Aaron, and Miriam were the magnificent results of the most effective Jewish parenting secret of all time. By passing forward faith and optimism, we too can motivate our children. Low expectations do nothing for them.  The abridged version of Judaism does not inspire anyone to embrace it. Likewise, the more demanding the festival, the more it is observed and celebrated. The enthusiastic eating of cheesecake on Shavuot just doesn’t inspire synagogue service, yet most Jews make every effort to be in a synagogue on Yom Kippur to endure a barrage of boring sermons. Why would this be?

What do your children think is most important to you? Have they seen you get as animated about Judaism and kindness as you do over your favorite sports team or the guy who cut in front of you?

The largest Seder in the world is held in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Why did the Dalai Lama send out a call for help from Jewish Torah scholars? What did they know that he needed to find out?

Model correct behavior for your children in a passionate way because ultimately, that’s what they are going to be inspired by.  You won’t fool them. An inspiring teaching by the Alshech will drive the lesson home.

President Eisenhower was greatly inspired by Lou Little, a coach at Georgetown, University.  He tells the story of Dennis Flaherty and his unexpected success that was motivated by his departed father. The souls of our deceased are remembered at the Yizkor service.  We can do them proud, as we pass on the eternal formula of passion and optimism to our children.


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