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Elijah’s Last Sermon

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Recommended Price $60.00

We live in tumultuous times. We observe a world of violence, terror, and injustice. As Jews, what should we do to help build a more gracious society?

Based on a moving yet mysterious conversation in Sefer Melachim, this speech sets forth a three-pronged approach for the Jew to help fashion a better world. These lessons are punctuated with stories of the Rebbe, engaging anecdotes, jokes and teachings, including:

  • The humorous tale of the cowboy and the rabbi
  • The emotional story of a recent display of Jewish unity as witnessed by an Israeli author
  • Why the Jew is compared to a dove
  • The politician's reaction to an unusual request
  • How keeping kosher in NY led to a position in the federal government
  • The Chassidic professor who was put on the spot in front of 800 scientists

Never in the past two thousand years have the opportunities been greater or the stakes higher. For the first time, we live in free societies in which Jews have the opportunity to participate in all political, ethical, and cultural processes as equal members. This means we can be ambassadors of G-d. We have the chance to be an influential voice in the moral conversation of mankind.

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