Inspirational Thoughts for Simchas Torah and Hakafos

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  • On Simchat Torah we all say L’Chayim!  A Rabbi Nachum of Chernobyl story illustrates how our joyous celebration can actually tip the heavenly scales to the side of merit.
  • Find out how President Lincoln’s top secret report is connected to Hakofot in your Shul.
  • Learn about Zalman from Latvia and his trusty bottle of schnapps that saved the day for a group of terrified Jews.
  • See the connection of the Torah to America’s spectacular Redwoods, among the oldest, most majestic trees in the world and understand why a tree is the metaphor for life itself.  
  • The circles of Hakafot are eternal links in an unbroken chain that we share with the saintly heroes of the past. On Simchat Torah, We dance “on the shoulders of giants”. We stand together tonight/today with our children and our holy ancestors ready to dance the night/day away in order to continue the unbroken circle of our eternal tradition. 
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