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Inspired Around the Shabbat Table

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Recommended Price $36.00

Inspired Around the Shabbat Table:

A step-by-step Shabbat guide with insights and humor, stories and anecdotes from Kiddush to Havdalah

As Shluchim, we are always looking for new and original insights to share at the Shabbos table -- either about Shabbos in general, or regarding a particular custom the guests will experience. “Inspired Around the Shabbat Table” contains 16 pages of brief and stirring insights. Each insight can be used as is, or serve as a catalyst for a longer talk. They also can easily be inserted into any Shabbat sermon.


  • An Introduction to Shabbat
    The Shabbat facelift
  • Shalom Aleichem
    Guess who's coming to dinner?
  • Woman of Valor
    A mandatory love song
  • An Introduction to Kiddush (evening)
    The Monk Cried, the Jews Celebrate
  • Challah: The Manna Challenge
    Flying Kosher Delicatessen

Three Mini D’var Torahs for the Shabbat Table:

  • Shavat Vaiynafash – G-d Exhaled
    Rhythm of Creation
  • The Unforgettable Shabbat
    The Chinese Bamboo Tree
  • Island of Holiness in a Secular World
    A Heavenly Vacation Package
  • Mayim Achronim
    Beverly Hills and “Sodomite salt”
  • Grace After Meals
    The psychologist’s exhibition

Two Introductions to Kiddush (day)

  • Kiddush:  To Be Fully Free
    So You Say You Want a Revolution? Try the Shabbat
  • Kiddush: Only Goodness Shall Pursue Me
    Bring on the nudging! 
  • The Soulful Havdalah
    Farewell, my love


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