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Just Jump - Lechatchila Ariber - Kol Nidre

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Recommended Price $60.00

Positive change is not easy. It requires, first and foremost, a leap of faith. It requires the courage to jump over challenges that hold us back. Using Biblical as well as modern stories, including stories of the Rebbe and his life-changing advice to Jewish leaders, this speech reveals the secret of Chabad’s worldwide success.

It will at the same time move your congregants to take the plunge into upgrading their Jewish observance.

A campus shliach and shlucha take a $20,000 plunge with the help of two “corporate sponsors” – Visa and American Express; the woman who arrived in New York with ten dollars and left with fifty million; the Rambam’s surprising statement on what kind of people build the world; a landmark experiment conducted in the 1960’s; bringing in a fleet of camels to expand a home - with these and other vignettes this uplifting speech will IYH enable your community to jump together into a happy, sweet and Lechatchila Ariber year.

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