Light Up The Word and Inspirational Thoughts for Menorah Lighting

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You will be able to download two separate PDFs. The first is the Chanukah speech, Light Up The Word - Think Outside The Box. The second PDF is the inspirational thoughts that can be used before public menorah lighting.

Synopsis of Chanukah Speech:  Light Up The Word - Think Outside The Box
It was 4:00 a.m. in South Africa, yet the Rebbe strongly suggested that Rabbi K. call the General of the State Prison Systems. This phone call brought hope and light to every Jewish prison inmate in South Africa. This success led to another conversation between the Rebbe, Rabbi Katz, and Rabbi J. J. Hecht, which ultimately changed the law in New York to allow Jewish prisoners to light Chanukah menorahs in prison cells all across the state. The theme of this talk reveals how one pinpoint of light from one Chanukah candle grows to form the vital blaze of light that will redeem our world.
The particular brand of “outside the box” thinking by two of the world’s greatest physicists is beautifully illustrated by the boldness of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s innovations, which consistently achieved resounding success. It’s not simply that the Rebbe thought “outside the box.” He never recognized the box to begin with, and he was able to rekindle the flame of Jewish Life.  So, lesson one is: Never say it can’t be done.  The the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s motto puts it wonderfully:  The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.  That is the attitude Jews need.

Synopsis of Inspirational Thoughts Before The Menorah Lighting
Jerry, a secular Jew, at the beginning of his journey back to Judaism, is deeply impressed with a majestic Xmas tree, blazing with thousands of lights, in the center of a town.  And just beneath this commanding tree, is a 6 foot tall, puny, menorah, the sight of which leaves Jerry empty and depressed. The jarring contrast between the two symbols made Jerry doubt his journey back to his Jewish heritage. “Am I wrong to be interested in Judaism?” he asked himself. Is it just an ancient faith lost in the past? What am I chasing?  And then, due to a surprising turn of events that very same night, the Menorah emerges victorious, eternal and Jerry never again doubted the path he was privileged to travel.

…Friends, this tale is not only about Jerry, it is the epic story of the Jewish people. Our whole history is an extraordinary saga of one single day's supply of oil outlasting vast electric power plants; of a blazing bush that is not consumed; of a national life that, according to all the rules of logic, should have been snuffed out long ago.  Yet still it burns brightly.  And so, as we kindle the menorahs lights, let us rededicate the flame of Judaism in our hearts. Let us rededicate the flame of Judaism in our homes. And let us do it with joy. Happy Chanukah!

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