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Living Fully: Rabbi Yochanan's Three Keys - Second Day

Recommended Price $90.00


Recommended Price $90.00

If you're seeking a treasure map to navigate life's most daunting challenges and find enduring strength, "Living Fully: Rabbi Yochanan's Three Keys" is your compass and guide. This transformative speech delves deep into Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai's three pivotal requests, each serving as a cornerstone for resilience in the modern age.

The first request, "spare the sages in Yavneh," accentuates the indomitable role of the wisdom of the Torah in steering us through life's challenges. This principle is subtly illuminated by an intriguing account of a long-lost piece of art that was eventually sold for millions and now graces the Israel Museum, demonstrating that the Torah's wisdom is not an artifact but an ever-relevant guide.

The second key is illuminated by Rabbi Yochanan's strategic request: 'give me the lineage of Rabban Gamliel.' This part underlines the critical role of leadership in sparking meaningful change. A captivating tale ties this to Winston Churchill, the battle of Dunkirk, and the unique bond between the Rebbe and his emissaries. The story empowers us to see the leader within. More importantly, it highlights the vital role each of us plays in shaping and enhancing our local Jewish community

In the third request, "bring in a doctor for Rabbi Tzadok," Rabbi Yochanan champions the inestimable value of individual life. The underlying message here is that no one should ever be forgotten in the pursuit of grand ambitions. This is demonstrated by the story of an aspiring writer who achieves unexpected acclaim, illustrating that each life is a self-contained universe, deserving of attention and care.

As we welcome a new year, " Living Fully: Rabbi Yochanan's Three Keys" beckons you to ponder three ancient principles that promise to enrich your journey ahead. From embracing the wisdom of the Torah to realizing your potential for leadership and recognizing the boundless worth of each individual, the speech offers a rich tapestry of insights that can reshape your life. Embark on a transformative journey with these timeless keys, and unlock a new year filled with growth, and boundless blessings.


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