Living Life that Matters

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Rosh Hashanah 5772-2011 – Second day



Living a Life That Matters


It was after attending a hypnosis demonstration in France that Sigmund Freud came up with the idea of the “unconscious mind” and how it affects behavior. From there it was only a matter of expanding this concept and eventually diagnosing the rest of us as neurotic meshugenes.


Psychotherapy attempts to make us reveal to ourselves the murky subconscious. The result is often depressing. But the shofar calls on us to reveal the higher sub-conscience.


We each have spectacular inner resources waiting to be tapped. The Shofar is G-d's wake up call, His way of asking us, “How have you used the life I’ve given you? What have you done with your abilities? Will you now develop them more fully, to make a difference, to be a blessing to the world, and especially to the people in your life?”


In Living a Life that Matters, we turn our attention to the consideration of who we were meant to be, but have not yet become. Along the way we will meet with Jeremiah of old as well as a 20th century sage whose life course was changed by the late-night tears of his parents; we will peek in on Michelangelo and his critique of Raphael; we will see how a seemingly arcane Shofar law holds the key to attaining authenticity; and we will learn of the profound Jewishness of a KGB agent and how is pinteleh Yid, his subconscience was revealed.


Rosh Hashanah gives us a new chance to release the power of holiness, of kedushah, that is always right there within us, to recreate ourselves, to let the Divine within us emerge to new life, new heights, and new hope for ourselves, for our families, and for the world.


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