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Moving Forward - Don’t Look Back - Rosh Hashanah Second Day 5774

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Recommended Price $50.00

The average person in the modern age suffers some sort of anxiety: guilt and despondence over past failures, anger, resentment, perhaps envy. On Rosh Hashanah we say goodbye to all that, and start anew. Employing baseball and other sports metaphors (the important life-lesson from the replay footage), a story of the Berdichever, and an incisive quote from Albert Einstein, we address the issues that plague our congregants.

A fresh spin on a well-known biblical tale, the contrast between President Reagan and a garbage collector, the man who wrapped Tefillin after seventy years because of a Shilach’s witty response, and the Facebook lurker—with these and other vignettes and teachings, we highlight the foolishness of our vices and provide the insights that can help us overcome them.  We conclude with a practical call towards greater observance of daily prayer (with Tefillin) and how this ancient art of our ancestors may be the “cleanse” we need to live life to its fullest and: Move Forward!

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