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Seder Gems Volume Fourteen

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Recommended Price $60.00

Seder Gems Volume Fourteen Includes:

  • How the word "and" can change your life
  • The high school boy who was happy his prayer went unanswered
  • What did Daniel the prophet do that led to his promotion?
  • That time Pharoah arrived on an Egypt Air flight
  • The lesson from Ruth on how to overcome disappointment
  • What was Miriam thinking when she saw Basya reaching for Moshe?
  • Benjamin Franklin's story about the father who couldn't win
  • The difference between horses, donkeys, camels, cattle and sheep 
  • Was Moses a Man of Egypt, or a Man of G-d?
  • How FedEx got started, and what it tells us about Pesach
  • How the Korban Pesach is unique, and how Zvika saved Israel from disaster
  • Does G-d enjoy our songs or what remains after that song is over?
  • A hot dog vendor clarifies why Chabad doesn’t say Chasal sidur Pesach
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