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Rosh Hashanah Gems Volume Two

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Recommended Price $60.00

Rosh Hashanah Gems Volume Two - 21 pages of Prayer Insights

These Rosh Hashanah Gems are filled with new, inspiring material that explain and elucidate many of the prayers we say on this holiday. They are intended to both entertain and educate the audience between prayers.

The Morning Service

How the Microwave was Invented (p.104)

Shema: The Single Greatest Idea (p.105)

The Distinction Between Photography and Painting (p.124-25.)

The Three Things My Father Discovered (p.117-123)

The Two Love Languages of Avinu Malkenu (pp. 152-153)

How Much Land Does a Man Need? (pp. 153)

The Musaf Service

Don’t Confuse Fame with Importance (p.200)

Tolstoy’s Confession: When Everything is Nothing at All (p.201)

Original Sin or Original Forgiveness? (p. 210)

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