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Rosh Hashanah Gems Volume Six

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Recommended Price $60.00

Rosh Hashanah Gems Volume Six - 13 pages of Prayer Insights

These insights can be used to interject during the davening, or as material to add to your sermons. Each gem contains an inspiring interpretation of one of the Tefilos.

  • A novel interpretation of the Talmudic teaching “The blind eat but are not satisfied
  • On a lighter note, the tactic we tried in Yeshivah to improve the taste of the food
  • A stark contrast between the Houston Space Center and a synagogue
  • The shofar’s solution to Plato’s metaphor
  • Author David Brooks’ distinction between: “Resume Virtues” and “Eulogy Virtues”
  • The Maharal’s definition of what it means to be an angel
  • The Israeli software engineer who is feeding thousands of poor families
  • Two lessons from Hagar and Yishmael’s desert adventure
  • The lesson from the physicist whose weight fluctuated from 425 pounds to 68 in a moment
  • Frankl’s rejection of Freud and the inner meaning of Zochreinu L’chaim
  • UCLA’s Shlomo Ben Artzi’s experiment and how to seize the moment
  • How a shliach counseled a woman to makes peace with her parents

The Morning Service

The Seven Wonders of The World (pp. 101-102)

Windows on the World (pp. 115 or 193)

Plato’s Cave and Rosh Hashanah (p.119)

You Are the Angel (pp. 144-146)

Torah Reading for First Day

The Power of Now (p. 165, Third Aliyah)

To Open Our Eyes (p. 165, Third Aliyah)

The Musaf Service

Remind Us To Live (p. 228)

Seizing the Day in a fleeting World (p. 224)


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