Rosh Hashanah Gems: Prayer Insights 5781

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Rosh Hashanah Gems 5781 are filled with new, inspiring material that explain and elucidate many of the prayers we say on this holiday. These mini-sermons are rich with Jewish wisdom, wit and joy, and will help bring greater meaning to both committed Jews and casual congregants.

  • Napoleon and loving G-d with our hearts
  • What’s the significance behind the debate of what is a Teruah?
  • How Avraham’s Eshel corrected the sins of past generations
  • How to be less like an airline and more like Google
  • The lesson in humility that President John Adams received from his mother
  • Why the bad workouts when you’re not in the mood are the most important
  • Howard Hughes helps us understand Unesaneh Tokef
  • The difference between a calendar and a diary
  • The Freudian path to disappointment and the prayer to reverse course
  • What you get angry about defines you and how to get angry about the right things
  • How to stop confusing activity with achievement


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