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Recommended Price $50.00

Every Shavuos we find ourselves looking for new material for the all-nighter. I’ve prepared an in-depth shiur that includes real “lomdus” and textual study as well as emotional, spiritual lessons. The shiur is peppered with stories and jokes that help keep the shiur (and the students) alive and fun.

I have prepared two PDF’s:

PDF #1: Teacher’s Guide (27 pages)

PDF #2: Handout for Students (includes 12 pages of readings rendered in Hebrew and English)

Below is a class Summary:

At Sinai, the great motto of Jewish life was declared. There, the Jews affirmed their Covenant with G-d, proclaiming: All that G-d has spoken

נַעֲשֶׂה וְנִשְׁמָע na’aseh v’enishma — we will do and we will understand.

With “Na’aseh” we pledged to obey G-d, even when we do not comprehend the reasons for his orders. But with “v’enishma,” we pledged to also strive to understand G-d’s commands. Though action is essential, we must also understand, internalize and feel. The body without the soul is a corpse; the soul without the body is a ghost. A living mitzvah, then, is composed of both deed and inspiration, an act of obedience (Kabbalat Ol) and an experience of joy.

This class will focus on the historic expression, na’aseh v’enishma — action and inner devotion. showing how they are expressed in Jewish tradition in three central areas:

  • Performance of  MITZVOT.
  • And PRAYER.


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