Seder Gems 5769 - Second Night

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Seder Gems -- Second Night.  


A brief synopsis of Seder Gems -- Second Night -- 11 pages of pithy and timely ideas that will inspire and motivate your guests’.

  • Are you caged in your very own zoo? The conversation of two camels illustrates this dilemma of exodus and freedom. 
  • Rabbi Abramowitz’s Seder, which took place in the bombed out city of Kassel, Germany after the War, dissolved into pandemonium when 100 survivors began to cheer and concurred how there are only righteous Jews, none wicked. They could not bear to discuss the theme of slavery. The Rabbi was distressed at this loss of control, while a non Jewish General at the scene described this as the best Seder the Rabbi ever conducted… 
  • Learn about Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson’s heroic stance at gunpoint. This anecdote clarifies the two interpretations of “Vehey Sheomdah” and contains two explanations which are connected in the Rebbe’s inspirational legacy. 
  • There’s a concept called ‘original sin’ which Jews don't believe in, because sin is never original. Can anyone think of an original sin? Believe me it's all been done before… There is however, original virtue - to perform a Mitzvah that has never been done is simple. Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev used the novel example of banned Turkish contraband to demonstrate to G-d, the merit of the Jews at Passover. 
  • There’s no quick fix to raising good kids. The Seder is designed for kids! It contains the first and last word, as well as the entire essence of the secrets to good parenting. Find out why.   
  • Dayenu. We all sing this song at the Seder, but it is actually our expression of gratitude, the final legacy that King David left to his son Solomon… and one of the ultimate lesson of the Seder, which affirms to us and our children that G-d keeps his promises. 
  • The Rebbe Rashab movingly gives new meaning to the description of “the son who does not know how to ask,” greatly extolling his virtues. Why? Why is he so crucial to the Seder and the Jewish nation itself? 
  • What are the two most famous Hebrew words recognized by people in every country on earth? The answer is: ‘Shalom’ and ‘Uzi,’ which are explained at the time of the spilling of the wine. 
  • Tonight we dip twice. There is something profound in these two acts. The Exodus began and ended with acts of dipping. It began when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and dipped his coat into the blood…The exile ended with dipping into the blood of the paschal offering… Two dippings during the Seder recalls these two events and teach us a great deal about freedom, liberty and redemption.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was only half right. Mourning alone guarantees nothing. Jews never allowed themselves to be comforted for the loss of Jerusalem – because being comforted involves making peace with loss. The Jewish People refuse to make peace with loss… “Le’Shana Ha’ba’a Be’Yerushalaim” Next year with Moshiach in Jerusalem!
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