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Seder Gems Volume Five

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Recommended Price $60.00

Do you find yourself frantically looking through Haggadahs five minutes before the Seder to find inspirational material? Do you sometimes recycle old stuff from girsa d’yankusa and sing v’hee she’amda extra loud to compensate for lack of new material?

The good news is we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you. We’ve taken the time to find meaningful and powerful nuggets of insight that relate to the Seder. We’ve collected engaging stories and jokes that bring these messages to life and keep the crowds entertained.

In Seder Gems Volume Five,  we’ll meet Renoir, one of the greatest French painters, and hear his final words before he breathed his last. We’ll hear what Michelangelo considered his greatest work and what the philosopher Bertrand Russel was asked by his jail warden. We’ll discover the difference between “i.e. philosophers” and “e.g. philosophers” and why a musical director based her play on a philosophizing Israeli electrician holding a broken light bulb. We’ll encounter Ariel’s Sharon moment of truth at the kotel and an American pilot whose B-17 bomber was shot down by the Nazis.

These and other fascinating anecdotes provide the gravy for the meat and potatoes, the spiritual messages we want to impart: how to get over the dissatisfaction; how a Jew is always en route to the Promised Land; taking our Judaism from the abstract to the practical; making sure our children don’t have a “loose connection” to Judaism; the secret of Jewish unity; being able to see beyond ourselves and actualizing our Jewish potential.

These are practical take-away messages, based on letters and sichos of the Rebbe (footnotes provided), presented in an intelligent and entertaining manner. There is humor (a professor and student spar over the definition of “pants”), emotion (the story of the brave mother of an Israeli soldier who was killed in battle), but most importantly, substantial teachings of Torah and Chassidus.


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