Seder Gems 5772 - Second Night

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If you’re lucky, the people who come the second night did not come on the first night. But all you need is one schmendrik to come both nights and now you need new material.

No worries. We got you covered. Here’s a second installment of Seder nuggets for this year, some light and funny, others poignant and thought-provoking - but all of them geared toward conveying messages from the Rebbe and Chasidus in a memorable and engaging way.

An Israeli shopkeeper who teaches a tourist how to bargain sheds light on the profound difference between kings and prophets, between power and influence. A critique of Freud’s Moses hypothesis, teaches us about one of the great moral truths of the Torah. A review of a New York Times bestseller and the myth of Hollywood’s happy-ever-after, helps us understand (l’havdil) a famous teaching of the Zohar. And the tale of an absent-minded professor who misses his train grants new meaning to the Chabad custom of not saying Chasal Sidur Pesach.

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