Seder Gems Volume Seven

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Spice up your Seder with brand new insights that will entertain as they inspire.

Find out about the standing ovation that came 47 years after the speech; how the monuments of DC and those of London differ; and how the age old conflict between destiny and free will can be resolved with a powerful life lesson. Learn how to send a text to G-d and about the rabbi in the Haggadah who was already texting 2000 years ago; the neuroscience of Modeh Ani; the challenging arithmetic of Dayenu; the lesson in gratitude from a bowl of cold oatmeal; and the true story of a man living on social security who could have been a billionaire if he’d internalized the message of matzah. These and other anecdotes, quips, and metaphors, bring the lessons of Yiddishkeit and Chasidus alive in concise but powerful “mini-sermons” that will keep your Seder alive and memorable.

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