Simchat Torah Gems - 5773

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Simchas Torah is a time to dance and sing. But we can enhance the celebration and davening with inspirational and entertaining vignettes and messages.

Simchas Torah Gems 5773 provides you with the material to add commentary and inspiration for your shul’s Simchas Torah experience. From the practical to the profound, these messages are relevant, timely, and couched in humor and wit. Vignettes include:

Truman’s odd response to receiving a Torah scroll; the scholarly thief; the rabbi who cried “Fire!”; the profoundly Jewish part of a president’s swearing-in oath; the clever potato farmer; Hank Aaron’s post-homerun quip; the Russian immigrant who preferred Simchat Torah in Moscow; and the jealous horse.

These and other vignettes are the bait for serious messages, including: the Torah response to addictions; how to deal with seemingly fruitless sacrifices; how to combat disaffiliation and Jewish disinterest; the essence of Simchas Torah and why we keep the scroll closed; and how to prevent our blessings, our geshem, from becoming a curse – l’vracha v’lo l’klala!

Dedicated in the merit of Chaim Binyomin Zev ben Tziviya Hinda for a complete and speedy recovery

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