Simchat Torah Gems - 5774

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Simchas Torah is a time to dance and sing. But we can enhance the celebration and davening with inspirational and entertaining vignettes and messages.

Simchas Torah Gems 5774 provides you with the material to add commentary and inspiration for your shul’s Simchas Torah experience. From the practical to the profound, these messages are relevant, timely, and couched in humor and wit. Vignettes include:

Why do we say l’chayim on mashka and not on Coca-Cola? A Simchat Torah explanation warms the soul; an old man interviewed by a reporter humorously tells us about the Jewish people’s longevity; some minds are like concrete — all mixed up and permanently set, but Torah keeps it constantly open; Rabbi Yehuda impress a Roman nobleman in the marketplace with his shining face that tells us about the power of Torah; at the end of Moses’ life he gives the last commandment, the Rebbe explains this command expresses how all of Judaism should be lived; our high-tech culture is noisy, stores blast music, elevators play songs, our iPods and cellphones bombard us with sound and it turns out this tumult is very Jewish; an Emperor helps us illuminate a law about letters in the Torah; an antiques road show helps us ‘appraise’ and appreciate the supreme treasure that is the Torah; an elderly Rabbi of a large synagogue drops a young Rabbi into the river to teach us about Moses’ successor and how we can express the sacred flame which burns in our heart.

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