Simchat Torah Gems 5775

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13 pages of insights for Simchas Torah and Hakafos

Simchas Torah is a time to dance and sing. But we can enhance the celebration and davening with inspirational and entertaining messages.

Simchas Torah Gems 5775 provides you with the material to add commentary and inspiration for your shul’s Simchas Torah experience. From the practical to the profound, these messages are relevant, timely, and couched in humor and wit. Vignettes include: The Midrash’s wonderful image from the ancient sports arena in Rome and its winning analogy to Simchas Torah; the magnificent San Francisco Bay Bridge was finished, at a cost of $6.4 billion and what it tells us about Jewish life; a touching story of a boy who stood up for Judaism explains an ancient custom the citizens of Jerusalem kept on this holiday; in all of the Torah, the expression “successful man,” appears only once and teaches us a singular lesson; the story of a young Chabad Rabbi in Connecticut who caused an uproar in town but a bus going to Chicago saved the day; the debate between the philosopher Bertrand Russell and Judaism over mathematics and Torah; the funny story about the Malbim and his stingy community; Henry Ford sings Al Hasela; a humorous tale of a bar in the heart of the mystical city of Tzfat and how it stays in business; the Talmud’s law about a horse and rider and what it tells our congregants about giving; the riskiest real-estate deal in history and what it expresses about the faith in the future of the Jewish people.

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