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Solomon's Crown: Rising Above Inconsistencies-Kol Nidre

Recommended Price $90.00


Recommended Price $90.00

This provocative Yom Kippur sermon dares to tackle the topic most of us sweep under the rug: the jarring emotional extremes within our own souls. Who among us hasn't felt the pendulum swing? One moment we're animated by extraordinary kindness and kedushah; the next, we're engulfed by feelings of envy, lust, or self-doubt. To make sense of this inner tug-of-war, the sermon transports us to a day that changed history—King Solomon's wedding day. On that occasion, a mysterious crown, presented by his mother Bathsheba, serves as our lens for navigating the maze of human inconsistency.

What made this crown so transformative for Solomon? And what truths can this ancient artifact reveal about our own conflicting emotions? With these questions as our compass, the sermon embarks on a expedition through history and the human psyche. Brace yourself for a spiritual journey that spans from the glory of ancient Jerusalem to the gritty reality of a New York taxi. Each story serves as a stepping stone, guiding us through the labyrinth of our own inconsistencies.

From Ponzi to Schindler, this sermon confronts us with perplexing characters who embody the duality we often feel within ourselves. Ponzi, infamous for his audacious schemes, also had moments that saved lives; while Schindler, a war profiteer and Nazi party member, would go on to save more lives during the Holocaust than any other individual. Are they outliers, or do they expose our own inner complexities? The sermon delves into this, guided by the illuminating and uplifting wisdom of Chasidic teachings.

At the heart of the sermon is a transformative metaphor: a house, with its dark basement and sunlit upper floors, symbolizes our lives. Yes, we all have basements—our darker urges, our sins, our less-than-perfect moments. But the sermon powerfully emphasizes: that's not where we live. Our true essence is in the luminosity of the upper floors, where our better selves, our deeds of love, generosity, mitzvot, and faith, glow. It is where our Neshama—the divine flame within us—truly shines.

The sermon invites us to raise our sights above the basements of our lives, urging us toward the light-filled realms of our better selves. It champions the transformative power of Yom Kippur, a day that hands us a proverbial crown, empowering us to shape a more purposeful future.

For rabbis seeking to challenge, uplift, and provoke thoughtful reflection in their congregations this Yom Kippur, this sermon offers an intellectually and emotionally stirring option. Here is an experience that goes beyond the surface, offering a transformative journey through the depths of the human psyche towards a future filled with light.

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