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Solomon’s One Wish

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Recommended Price $60.00

If G-d were to say to you on this special day of Rosh Hashanah, “I am prepared to grant you one wish. Any one thing you want, you may have.” What would you answer?

G-d made this offer to King Solomon. What were Solomon’s initial instincts, what was his final choice, and what happened with the things he could have, but did not choose? In answering these questions we discover Solomon’s secret to a meaningful life.

The pursuit of happiness is universal. Over the course of history, philosophers and social scientists have wrestled with the question of how to attain it. Our culture tends to say it is attained with a new car, an exotic vacation or the latest designer suit. We are guided by the philosophy of the bumper sticker that reads: “The guy with the most toys when he dies wins.” But we are able to see from the wisest of all men, that happiness is reached by a different road.

With this uplifting message, we gain a deeper understanding of the famous biblical tale we read on Rosh Hashanah. A tale that gives us a cure for depression in three words.

The sermon contains a good share of stories and anecdotes, including: an uplifting story about the founder of The Russian Tea Company, and a look at a scholar’s career choice and the Rebbe’s unexpected advice to him, Chaim Bialik’s witty remark, a humorous anecdote about two families from the shtetl, and a moving story about a couple’s loving concern for one another drive home the point.

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