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The Four Most Important Questions G-d Will Ask You

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Recommended Price $50.00

Inspire your congregation with two of the mivtzoim--Shabbos, Torah--as well as the last shlichus, Moshiach, with this powerful sermon.

It’s good to criticize yourself, and while you’re at it, to ask the question, ‘What is it that matters most to G-d?’  A preview of the next 4 queries from your Creator will make taking stock at Rosh Hashonah a significantly more rewarding personal experience.

What was the amazing connection between Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin, and Winston Churchill, world famous statesman? Witness how one selfless act saved a boy’s life many years ago, and continues to promote healthy life today for us all. Truly purposeful actions change the course of history. Witness how Natan Sharansky, after being released from prison, became a Minister in the Knesset while Gorbachev, his jailer, and the former Russian Premier, made a Pizza Hut commercial.

The Biblical narrative about the extended arm of Pharaoh’s daughter teaches us the importance of stretching ourselves to our own limits. And when we do, we become our best selves and miracles result. 

When King David stumbled and took his attention off of his Torah studies for one brief moment he met his death. Yet to this day he is our national symbol, the king of two worlds, a military hero and Torah Sage. Why is he eternally linked to Moshiach, to the Shabbat, and why are we?

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