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Butterfly Effect: How Your Menorah Matters

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Recommended Price $36.00

This is a short 10 minute Chanukah Speech.

At this time of year, if you see a home with candles glowing in the window, chances are that it’s a Jewish family celebrating Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. The candles’ glow shines outward into the street, broadcasting the Jewish task of spreading the light of morality and holiness — not only inside of our own homes, but also outward into the world.

But the problems the world faces are vast: millions afflicted by conflict, terror, natural disasters, poverty and disease. The impact we can have feels inadequate compared to the sheer scale of these tragedies. How can you and I make a difference? What good can a small pinprick of light do in the face of so much darkness?

To this question, Chanukah has something important to say: just as we add a single light on each night of Chanukah, we repair the world in small steps, act by act, flame by flame, day by day. Each deed mends a fracture of the world. Change happens in stages and healing is a process....

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