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The Leopard, the Lion, the Eagle and Deer - Yizkor

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Recommended Price $60.00

This uplifting sermon, uses the famous Mishnah in Avos to teach the fundamental attitudes of living a Jewish life. With stories and examples for each teaching, the sermon uplifts and inspires our communities to taking pride in their Jewishness and moves them towards greater involvement. Each animal mentioned in the Mishnah represents a quality that can be used in two ways and encourages us to adopt the one that leads to “fulfilling the will of your Father in heaven.”

From the talking Panda, to the Olympics, a fascinating university study about quantity vs. quality, how a Jewish symbol became a popular emoji, the lesson from the lion’s failures, the fatal error that led to the Titanic tragedy, a subtle difference between Kung Fu and Judaism, how to bounce back from a moral failing and prevent a failure from dominating your life – this sermon touches on some of the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit, with practical Torah advice on how to actualize our potential and fulfill the purpose of creation.

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