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The Power of Transformation -5769-2008

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Recommended Price $50.00

This empowering talk is geared to enhance the experience of Yom Kippur. We learn how negative events can serve as a springboard for blessing.

How do we acknowledge misfortune without diminishing it, transforming negative energies into a force for good?  We’ll learn from the harrowing experiences of Biblical figures, as well as public figures on the world stage, such as Alexander the Great and Liviu Librescu’s heroic stance in the face of certain death. Like Jacob, we too wrestle in the dark, when evil threatens or tragedy strikes.  And like Jacob, we can hold our ground until suffering is transformed into a legacy of blessing.

This lecture motivates and inspires, revealing a shortcut on the journey to reawaken and rebuild our lives.

Approximately 40 min.

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