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Torah: The Algorithm for Life

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Recommended Price $60.00

This sermon beautifully Illustrates that not only is Torah key to the survival of Jews, Torah will improve our physical and emotional lives in multiple ways. An unknown Midrash describing the moment Moshe sees the golden calf forms the center of this message. Moving anecdotes and stories are included to enliven the message:

  • The unusual story of one of India’s most popular tourist sites serves a metaphor for the critical need for Torah in our lives.
  • The sad but telling tale of the descendants of the original founders of Bnai Brith in 1840 and how we can avoid its recurrence.
  • We’ve heard of a Freudian slip. But according to Freud, there a “Moseian slip”. Was he right?
  • How the rabbi explained his original description of Margaret Thatcher.
  • Why Google is the most popular search engine and the lesson therein to perpetuate the Torah.

This sermon gives you the opportunity to encourage your community to increase their Torah study and observance, but in a way that doesn’t lecture them — it entices them. It shows how Torah study helps build healthy marriages and healthy live and healthy communities.

These gifts of Torah won’t make a small difference in your life — they will make all the difference. They are all part of the remarkable algorithm that has lifted the Jewish people to great joyous heights and made us a people of eternity.

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