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Wedding Ceremony Inspirational Thoughts

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Recommended Price $50.00

These uplifting insights explain the symbolism of the wedding ceremony. Crafted in an intimate way, the deeper meanings of the chuppah, brachos and wedding rituals become profound moments in the life of the new couple.

Using the metaphor of the chassan and kalla as king and queen, this speech warmly addresses the family and guests introducing them to the idea that marriage is one of the most fundamental and supreme institutions of Judaism, the first mentioned in the Torah. More than just a ceremony, the Chupah serves to unite the couple into one being. How? By introducing a third element into the relationship – a divine element totally beyond any human limitation.

The speech goes on to explain how our ancestors, the spiritual giants who came before us are among the invited guests. The ring is the invitation. They come to celebrate and say “Mazal Tov”. They beam with pride as they see, at the threshold of the 21st century, two beautiful young people carrying forth the torch of Jewish identity – of spirituality, goodness and love – in this world...

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