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What Do You See?

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Recommended Price $60.00

One fellow gets up and says, “Good morning, Lord.” Another fellow gets up and says, “Oy, Good Lord, it’s morning.”  Same words, opposite meaning. Which fellow are you?

Based on an intriguing Midrash on the Akeida and a major principle of the Alter Rebbe in Tanya, What Do You See explores how our perspective is much more powerful than we realize — it determines what we see, and what we do with that vision.

With the right perspective, you can turn despair into joy, hatred into love, boredom into passion, emptiness into fulfillment, failure into success. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your perception. This principle is brought to life with fascinating anecdotes such as:

The chemist who turned his failure into a worldwide success

The billionaire who flew coach and wore a plastic watch

The other billionaire who took his own life

How Napoleon woke up each morning

Any of us can fall prey to confusion about what really matters in life. We can all choose to focus on the things that don’t matter at the expense of those that do.

Today, we pray for wealth and prosperity. But the answer to our prayers does not lie only in monetary assets, but within ourselves — in how we approach that which we already have. And we ask G-d to grant that in the coming year we will be rich in every way.

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