Yom Kippur Gems Volume Seven

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Yom Kippur Gems Volume Seven - 17 pages of Prayer Insights

These Yom Kippur Gems are filled with new, inspiring material that explain and elucidate many of the prayers we say on this holiday. They are intended to both entertain and educate the audience between prayers. They are rich with Jewish wisdom, wit and joy, and will help bring greater meaning to both committed Jews and casual congregants. Below is a synopsis of the Gems.

The Evening Service

Am I Ugly? (p.66)

Why so Many Confessions? (pp. 73-76)

Defeating the Ahab Spirit (p. 73 or 180)

A Story About A Bag (p. 81 or 191)

The Morning Service

Flourish Like the Palm Tree (p.126)

Teaching Your Children Values (p.142)

Nietzsche On Yom Kippur (p. 163)

Q-W-E-R-T-Y and Judaism (p.203)

Two Goats -Two Kinds of Atonements (p.202-203)

The Musaf Service

The Earth Is God’s (p. 245)

How Heavy is the Glass of Water? (p. 271)


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