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Yom Kippur Gems Volume Nine

Recommended Price $60.00

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Recommended Price $60.00

Yom Kippur Gems Volume Nine - 17 pages of Prayer Insights

These Yom Kippur Gems are filled with new, inspiring material that explain and elucidate many of the prayers we say on this holiday. These mini-sermons are rich with Jewish wisdom, wit and joy, and will help bring greater meaning to both committed Jews and casual congregants.

Vignettes Include:

  • Life is Like a Hot Air Balloon 
  • Do We Emulate or Envy Those Who Outshine Us? 
  • The Humorous Story of Jacobs’s Dinner in Paradise
  • The Life Changing Rule: Never Miss Twice 
  • How Do I Pray When I Am Furious with G-D? 
  • Why G-d is Delighted that You Have Not Gone Home
  • The Stirring Story of the Maggid and the Dejected Child
  • Your Words Have Remarkable Power 
  • It’s Not My Fault, But It’s My Problem
  • To Be a Captain of Jewish Destiny
  • How to Translate the Spiritual Experience of YK into Action
  • Kneeling on Yom Kippur Beautifully Explained!
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