Dear fellow Shluchim,

We are usually overwhelmed by running our mosdos. And normally have little time to properly prepare a fine speech to inspire our crowds.

My objective in creating ShluchimSpeeches.com is to help shluchim in this matter.  On the site, I offer speeches, which I have written.  I hope to add new speeches regularly and grow the site into a valuable resource for Shluchim.

As you know from experience, crafting a quality speech takes many hours.  I’ve put enormous effort, resources and time into preparing this project.  There is a suggested donation per speech, however you will be able to input any price you want to pay. ( Before you add the speech to your cart) I am leaving it up to you.  Your donation will help recoup our investment and enable us to continue to provide service on ShluchimSpeeches.com.

After you pay with your credit card, through a totally secure process (which takes less than 2 minutes) you will be able to download a PDF of the speech as well as a second PDF with speech notes I’ve prepared for the podium. This second PDF is a condensed version outlining the major ideas contained in the speech.

For ShluchimSpeeches.com to succeed, it is essential that any downloaded speeches are not shared.  Ultimately it comes down to trust and personal integrity; obviously, the only way we will be able to continue making speeches available is if you honor our agreement.

  • Your downloading of any document is conditional upon you not sharing it with anybody else in any form, written or verbal.
  • You will be asked to sign a consent form which prohibits distribution of the copyrighted documents.

If you’d like to be notified as new speeches are posted, sign up for our E-mail list. It is my hope that this website will help shluchim succeed in inspiring and educating our community members. Material on this site will not be published for at least two years from the day it was posted.

Your good feedback please send to shluchim achdus, scathing criticism to me at: info@chabadstanford.org


Dov Greenberg

Chabad at Stanford University
Palo Alto, California


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